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All the advantages of inflatable boats with none of the disadvantages!

Rigid Boats is the Premiere Manufacturer of rigid fiberglass Yacht Tenders and Dinghies.

We are your most reliable form of transportation while at port.

With the amount of time that most boaters spend in their tender, we believe that the quality and comfort should be that of the mother ship. We use the finest supplies and accessories made for our boats.

Inflatable dinghies are simply not good enough, so we made a change. Our existing customers appreciate that, and so will you. Most of our boats are custom built to the owners needs. Let us help you discover the options that you never knew existed in a Tender.

In addition to use as a Dinghy, more and more customers are buying Rigid Boats for pleasure craft. There is simply nothing on the market that can offer you the same comfort, performance, and value at the same size.

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