Why Rigid Boats

  1. SCIENTIFICALLY ENGINEERED: Rigid Boats have been designed by applying the highest marine engineering principals giving outstanding performance and safety. This is truly a high performance and safe boat.
  2. STABILITY: Rigid Boats have the same buoyancy as inflatable boats of the same tube diameter. The hull and tube design make this boat stable even in rough water.
  3. STRENGTH: Rigid Boats are manufactured out of high strength fiberglass and in critical areas super strong bi-axial fiberglass is used to give the boats strength and rigidity. Special composite materials are used in the transom and backing plates for all hardware mounting. No wood is used in a Rigid Boat.
  4. DURABILITY: Because these boats are made of fiberglass and other composite materials you will enjoy many years of excellent service. Our special gel-coat prevents UV damage such as fading or yellowing.
  5. EASE OF MAINTENANCE: This is an all fiberglass boat so it is easy to clean. If the boat is damaged, the fiberglass can be repaired by your local fiberglass repair shop.
  6. UNIQUE DESIGN: The all fiberglass design eliminates the problems relating to inflatable boats. There are no problems like air pressure loss, punctures, and UV damage to the inflatable tubes. Because of the unique design, Rigid Boats have all the advantages of inflatable boats with none of the problems.
  7. SAFETY: The top of the pontoons are flat and have a non-skid surface allowing for safe entry and exit from the boat. The upper part of the pontoon is foam filled which means that the boat will float upright if it is ever holed or swamped. Stainless steel grab rails also adds to your personal security.
  8. COMFORT: Comfort and control under power takes the guesswork out of piloting Rigid tenders. Our entire engineering and design staff has concentrated on making you safe and secure at all times.
  9. PERFORMANCE: These boats are designed to go fast and work hard. The molded in step at the aft end of the tubes increases the boat’s ability to plane quickly and operate with smaller horse power engines. The Deep V Hull design with deep sharp strakes gives excellent lateral stability at all speeds.
  10. WEATHER TIGHT STORAGE: This Rigid Boat has over 12 cubic feet of weather proof lockable storage. The forward locker and the side hull storage provide ample storage for all gear.
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